Former Hero Cop Now Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and DUI


by Max Chantha

KENTUCKY – Sadly, it seems that Sheriff Todd Pate will not be remembered for his rescuing of a young boy who had been tortured by his parents.

His legacy will likely be tarnished by an near-violent mental breakdown, in which he threatened to kill several people only to be later arrested while drunk and armed.

Pate was considered to be a model officer, but like may who have presumptuously earned such a title, a darker side of him existed that was unknown until recently.

His terrified wife, Kristi, alerted the authorities after Pate contacted her threatening to go on a full-blown killing spree, including his wife, her parents, and eventually himself.

Somewhat surprisingly, the police apprehended one of their own before they were capable of causing grievous harm to the public or themselves.

Pate was discovered in his car next to a waffle house, drunk and with an open beer and firearm on him.

Despite being charged with a laundry list of crimes including making terroristic threats, DUI, and reckless driving, any one of which could have led to the harming or deaths of innocent victims.

Conveniently, court was suspended the week of his arrest, and public officials are unwilling to comment.

While it is commendable that, for once, police reigned in the actions of one of their brothers in blue, it seems that this is only because of the grievous nature of his crimes.

His high rank and history of heroism may work in his favor, but likely it won’t matter in the face of widespread leniency on the part of police departments regarding their own personnel.

Watch the video below:

WDRB 41 Louisville News