Four Officers Beat a Man’s Head With Their Clubs: Video

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Kory Watkins |

South Gate, California — A horrific video was just uploaded to YouTube showing that police officers are out of control yet again.

Here is another video where you see multiple police officers teaming up on one person and beating his head as he lie on the ground.

I am not sure what happened minutes before this, or why even the police were called, but clearly we have an unarmed man just being salty.

Even when he was clearly restrained, the officers continued to bludgeon him in the head with the batons.

I guess these days if you’re salty you get beat down by people protecting and serving the streets.

It appears he was punched and clubbed over 20 times.

Four or five of the clubbings were to the face and head, breaking his jaw.

The cop can be heard yelling, ” You wanna fight?!!?” and slamming the club into the man’s face.

As the fourth officer gets there you can clearly see him try to get the one officer to lay off with the club to the face.

A family member can be heard saying, “Give me a lawyer my uncle was beat up bad.”

“Broke his jaw and knee.”

At the end of the video the man’s body appears to go limp and a stretcher is rolled in. We are awaiting confirmation on his condition.

We are working on getting more information on this story to try and help expose the police brutality in South Gate. If you have any information, please contact us.

If you are in South Gate please consider contacting the police station and letting them know that you do not condone these actions, and that the police involved in striking the man should be forever removed from the department.

Phone: (323) 563-5400 Also, consider leaving a comment on, and rating, their Facebook page.

Sadly, we see these things every day, every hour.

What happened to the days when police showed up and deescalated situations and resolved them with no violence?

Now, we have police showing up escalating situations and kicking anyone’s ass they want.

I think it’s in the training.

Be sure to check back here for updates as more information is made available.

Watch the video below — warning: graphic: