Franklin Police Officer Arrested on Harassment Charges and Fired


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Franklin police officer was fired and arrested for harassment after he reportedly made death threats to someone via text message and voicemail.

Phillip Wise, an eight-year veteran, was an officer in Franklin from sometime in 2008 until last week.

Wise, 34, was arrested on June 19 and fired just days later on June 22 after he allegedly made the threats this past March.

According to a report by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, the male victim, received two text messages on March 11.

One of the texts he received said, “I’m going to kill you b****. Just know your toothless a** is on very little time, you f*****.”

The second read, “It don’t’ matter to me, you and that dirty a** dog’s on borrowed time, b****.”

According to the report, the man also received two threatening voicemails threatening his life and his dog’s. All four alleged threats were taken into evidence.

The sheriff’s office report indicates the victim was asked who he thought was doing it, and he replied that it was Officer Wise. When asked why, the victim reportedly said because the officer’s girlfriend lives with him.

The man told deputies he feared for his safety and possibly bodily injury since Wise was an officer in Franklin with a “badge and a gun.”

He claims he also feared for safety of the officer’s girlfriend and her children.

According to the report, detectives spoke briefly to Wise’s girlfriend, who said she doesn’t believe he was behind the threatening calls.

“We hold our officers accountable for their conduct and do not tolerate unacceptable or improper behavior. The Franklin Police Department has very high standards. The citizens we serve deserve nothing less,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner.

In the spring of 2016, Faulker bestowed Officer Wise with the department’s life-saving award after he stopped a man from committing suicide.


Meanwhile, Wise remains out of jail on $5,000 bond after being charged with two counts of harassment.