Rise of the Warrior Cop — Ignore This Book at Your Own Peril

We listen to tons of audiobooks and that’s why we’re able to keep current with everything that’s happening in the world, particularly on matters of police abuse and political oppression.

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The cool thing about audiobooks is that you can simply throw on the headphones at the gym or listen to them on road trips and it’s like downloading instant knowledge into your mind.

You can pick any audiobook you want, but we highly recommend one in particular…

warriorcopRise of the Warrior Cop is by far our favorite.

It discusses the current police state, how it emerged, the darker political realities behind it, and what we can do about it.

In fact it was through listening to this one book that our eyes were opened and we decided to start FilmingCops.com.

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Seriously, if you do nothing else today, grab this book — it will blow your mind and you’ll have a deeper, more enriched perspective on exactly how things got this bad. And yes, there are effective ways to change it.

The book is a factual historical narrative but feels like you’re listening to a captivating — and at times extremely disturbing — horror story when you listen to it.

From the reviews:

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces traces the arc of US law enforcement from the constables and private justice of colonial times to present-day SWAT teams and riot cops. Today relentless “war on drugs” and “war on terror” pronouncements from politicians, along with battle-clad police forces with tanks and machine guns, have dangerously blurred the distinction between cop and soldier. Balko’s fascinating, frightening narrative shows how martial rhetoric and reactionary policies have put modern law enforcement on a collision course with the values of a free society.

Excellent book with facts, not fiction. Definitely a college level book written for all to enjoy. This should read by all Americans. I love it!!

I believe that this book may be the most tragic drama written in the United States in that it may infer that citizens could be implicitly overcome by surreptitious grants of government money and explicitly violence-driven “warriors,” who have neither respect nor a faculty for the citizen.

Radley Balko deserves a medal for writing this book. He has boldly challenged the system and deserves to be applauded for doing so.

I read a lot, especially documented histories. Radley Balko’s “Rise of the Warrior Cop” is one of the best history books I’ve read. It is a superbly presented, page-turning interesting, well documented, and at times gut-wrenching account of the change in U.S. policing philosophies and policies since our country’s inception.

Well-written by arguably the leading journalist expert on the subject and based on years of following the topic, this is a very powerful and important book that’ll make you look at the next picture of a cop in “riot gear” with a different eye.

Some of the true stories in here will blow your mind and make you wonder whatever happened to America. A great book to read and to give as a gift.

I wish every American would read this book. We as a country have gone astray, and this book explains when, how, why, and what needs to be done to fix it…I don’t want to live in a country where an 11 year old boy (Alberto Sepulveda) can be assassinated at point blank range by a cop who suffers no recourse. We have to stop this.

IMHO, every American citizen needs to read, comprehend, and take action on this book’s recommendations. Together, we can save ourselves, our families, our communities, and complete strangers we’ll never meet on this earth. As cops like to say so often, if it saves a single life, it is worth it.

Download yours for free on Audible.com and let us know what you think.