03/30/17 | PARIS — Startling news has surfaced alleging that the potential new leader of France, Marine le Pen, was filming police even though they told her to stop.

Marine le Pen is the candidate for the National Front Party, a party that repudiates international banking cartels interfering with national self-determination.

Members of the party believe that a small handful of banking elites who are not beholden to any nation are using immigrants as pawns to destabilize parts of Europe.

While the party welcomes legal immigration and voluntary cultural pluralism, it rejects the kind of forced assimilation that it says is thrust upon sovereign nations by agenda-driven elites. The party says it is these same elites who bomb other nations to create immigration crises.

Reports are circulating today that police raided Marine le Pen’s headquarters for the National Front.

The officers claimed that the raid was conducted because they believed taxpayers were funding the headquarters, which might be illegal under France’s election laws.

The raid took place in February of last year, and it was determined that le Pen was not involved in any illegal conduct.

But now it is being alleged that Marine le Pen took out her phone and began filming the cops against their wishes.

Le Pen was evidently live streaming the encounter and is said to have “rejoiced at being able to feed social networks with videos.”

The officers did not like this and asked her to stop filming, according to reports.

But rather than obey them, le Pen stuck the phone into her cleavage so it could keep filming.

She then smiled at the officers and jokingly said “come and get it,” according to reports.

Le Pen seemed to have won over the police with her light-heartedness.

Evidently the officers decided to not interfere, stating that because of le Pen’s “attitude,” it was impossible.