Friends Arrested and Raided by Militant Police Officers for Playing Poker in their Private Home



GREAT FALLS — Friends gathered together to play a poker game in a private residence during a peaceful November evening.

They never expected that a group of militants dressed in all black would raid them and take away their money at gunpoint.

SWAT team officers from Fairfax County Police Department surprised the poker players after barging into the private home.

With assault rifles pointed at the players, they were ordered to keep their hands on the table.

The officers then gathered up $150,000 in cash and took it, according to reports.

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One of the players said that moments before the raid occurred, he happened to notice black helmets “bobbing up and down” outside the window.

None of the poker players were armed and none of them threatened the police or anybody else.

But that didn’t stop the officers from pointing their assault rifles at the players and taking away their belongings.

The players were then questioned and arrested.

The police have agreed to return 60% of the money they took, but they will keep 40% of it under “civil forfeiture” which allows them to seize assets of private citizens. In exchange a deal was made that the players will not be charged.

The poker games in the private home had been occurring on and off for years, and even some well known professional poker players would visit and play.

“It’s crazy,” said one of the players about the night of the raid.

“They had this ‘shock and awe’ with all of these guys, with their rifles up and wearing ski masks.”

One of the officers asked a player, “Did you know that this game is illegal?”

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To which the player responded: “To me, it’s a bunch of consenting adults playing cards in somebody’s basement.”

The officer then said, “The reason we’re here is that there are Asian gangs targeting these games,” suggesting that the raid was done to keep the players safe from robbery.

“So you robbed us first,” thought the player, though he did not verbalize the thought.

No-knock police raids happen up to 80,000 times a year, many of which are conducted for victimless “crimes” such as playing poker or ingesting cannabis. Many more are done as “mistakes.” Often they result in people or pet dogs being shot. Watch the video below for an overview of how cops are using these raids to enslave innocent Americans and take their property: