Georgia Cop Faces Voluntary Manslaughter Charge in Death of Motorist

For at least the second time this week, a white police officer has been charged in the death of an unarmed black person.

Kingsland, Ga., Police Officer Zechariah Presley was charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of Anthony Green, a black motorist who was shot while running away from Presley.

CBS News reports that Presley turned himself in Wednesday to the Camden County, Ga., Sheriff’s Office. He’s also charged with a violation of oath of office.

Presley was tailing Green’s car on June 21 when Green and a passenger got out of the car and ran away. According to CBS News, Presley gave chase to Green and “[made] physical contact” with the motorist before Green ran away again. At that point, Presley shot multiple rounds in Green’s direction, killing the 33-year-old father of two.

As NBC News reports, Presley has a history of inappropriate conduct, as revealed by his personnel file, which was released by the Kingsland Police Department.

From NBC News:

[Records show] he was hired last year despite admitting that he had physically fought with his wife, had bought or sold marijuana, repeatedly shouted at people, was involved in “2-3” accidents and had been arrested for “reckless, eluding, speeding,” according to his handwritten text.

Presley also racked up nine incidents during […] his year in the police department, at one point parking outside the house of a black man who had complained to the chief, prompting the man to say that Presley had him fearing for his life.

As for Green, his records show a traffic ticket in March for a suspended license, and his arrest in 2016 on a misdemeanor.

Presley’s case marks at least the second time this week that a white officer has been charged in the death of a black person. On Wednesday, East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide in the death of 17-year-old Antwon Rose. Antwon was shot in the back three times as he ran away from Rosfeld.

As of Thursday morning, Presley was sitting in the Glynn County Jail instead of Camden County’s, where he turned himself in, because he used to work as a guard at the jail.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it is reviewing footage from Presley’s bodycam and patrol-vehicle camera. GBI told media it won’t release the video at this point because of the ongoing investigation.

Green’s family attorney released a statement saying that they were “encouraged by [Presley’s] swift arrest” but are keeping their eyes on how the situation develops.

“We intend to remain vigilant until he is brought to justice and the family is able to get answers as to why this happened in the first place,” attorney Reginald Green’s statement read. “The senseless killings of black men by police must stop.”


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