Georgia State Trooper Threatened Own Son With ‘A Bullet Between His Eyes’ in ‘Grandparents Rights’ Custody Case

Georgia State Trooper Dale Roberts sued his own son under the state’s new “Grandparents Right” law in a bid to gain custody of his son’s daughter, WMAZ news reports.

“U (sic) and that stupid wife of yours act like you’ll (sic) are some kind of street lawyers,” Trooper Roberts wrote to his son Brandon. “It is time to put both of you arrogant, self righteous know it all (sic) spoiled brats in your place. After the kind of birthday I had with all the pain and hurt that you’ll have have caused me by keeping my granddaughter away from me, I am going to do every thing within my power to ruin you both.”

Brandon Roberts “did not feel safe” with his daughter going to his father’s house by herself. Brandon told his father she could still see her at his home.

“I believe he wanted my family to be unstable,” Brandon said. “So, he could show the court that we were unstable; so, in order for him to get custody.”

After Trooper Roberts sued his son, Brandon was able to get a copy of his father’s diary through the legal discovery process. Trooper Roberts had denied the existence of the journal in court filings and in a deposition.

Trooper Roberts finally confessed and said he did not want his son or the court to see the diary.

“Brandon is a sorry son of a b*tch who is an uncaring b*st*rd – he is no longer my son,” Trooper Roberts wrote. “I hate him so much now. I wish he were dead.”

Not only did Trooper Roberts write that he wished his son dead, he also admitted he thought he was capable of murdering his son without even blinking.

“I hate Brandon so bad I could put a bullet between his eyes and not blink,” Dale wrote.

“He told the court that the journal was full of his love for my daughter,” Brandon said. “When, in fact, he was writing stuff about killing her father.”

Brandon fled to Iowa, but Trooper Roberts hired two private investigators to track him down, then called the sheriff’s department.

“I answered the door and the cop was very aggressive,” Brandon’s wife, Stephanie said. “And I’m not used to people talking to me like that. He was very aggressive, and I instantly knew that someone had said something.”

After the aggressive officer drew his Taser, Brandon decided to give his father a piece of his mind.

“I took my daughter for my family’s f*cking safety and we moved to Iowa because you planned to kill us like a piece of sh*t cop you are,” Brandon said. “The NAACP is going to read what you put in that f*cking journal about n****rs and I cannot wait until the day your *ss goes downhill for you’ve done. You f*cking racist pig.”