Grab Two Free Audiobooks for Download

Hey guys, here’s how to get your two free audiobooks through

1. Click the audiobook that you want:

Don’t worry, you can get BOTH, but just choose one for now.

warriorcop    or       noplace

2. Select “Free with Audible trial,” then click the Try Audible Free button

When you select “Free with Audible Trial” the price will be set to $0.00. Click Try Audible Free.

2nd audible step

3. Sign in to Amazon.

Or create a new account if you aren’t on Amazon yet — it’s free. 

4. Boom! The audiobook is yours.

(You’re welcome.)

Amazon will ask you to confirm a card number for your registration, but they will NOT charge you when you use this method.

(IMPORTANT: Amazon will charge you only if you keep your membership for 30 days. If you cancel your free trial membership any time before those 30 days, you won’t be charged a penny, and you’ll still get to keep your Audiobooks. It’s a cool deal.)

5. Final step — now go back and grab your second audiobook (also for free):

Go back to step 1 above and click the other book to get that one too. Or just click “continue shopping” when you’re at

Put on your headphones and get informed.


P.S. When you sign up to get your free audiobooks through us, we get a tiny kickback from Amazon. This helps us pay for bandwidth and expand the project. Because of your support through actions like this, we’re able to get the word out to more people — we can’t thank you enough!