Gold Medalist Wrestler Fights Police — All 7 Cops Back Down From Using Lethal Force


Vyacheslav Oliynyk is an Olympic level wrestler at the most elite level.

He was the former champion and won the gold medal.

A native of Ukraine, he just celebrated his 50th birthday last week.

But you’d never guess his age judging by how strong and agile he looked when he fended off seven police officers.

Video footage surfaced online showing Greco-Roman wrestling gold medalist with a bloodied face after being pepper-sprayed by police.

Apparently it began during a traffic stop.

Oliynyk didn’t think he should have been pulled over and beaten.

The video picks up where it shows the wrestler begin striking at the officer nearest to him.

At this point seven cops back down from using deadly force, and instead try to restrain him.

They barely could, given his strength.

Note, however, that had this occurred in the United States, it is unlikely the cops would have engaged him in wrestling.

Many comments online say that American cops would have shot him.

Watch the video below and you be the judge.