Officer Kicks Families Out of Park for Giving Thanksgiving Dinner To Homeless

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When asked why he took such an action, officer responded that he was “just following orders.”

LAKE WORTH, FL — Families belonging to a small church in Florida have been kicked out of a public park after an officer saw them offering Thanksgiving food to homeless Americans.

The families were part of a small community church called Acts 2 Worship Center, and felt that as Christians they ought to be out feeding people who didn’t have food for Thanksgiving.

Acts 2 is a passage from the Bible according to which the earliest Christians shared their belongings and “broke bread and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.”

“We brought our kids out here so they could see what it’s really like for people that are struggling,” Brian Oakes, a member of the church, told CBS 12.

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The homeless residents of the park were excited to get the warm food.

The government official said he was just "following orders" when interviewed. Via CBS 12.
The government official said he was just “following orders” when interviewed. Via CBS 12.

“We’re grateful, you know,” said Kevin Rudd, a member of the homeless population.

Everything was fine and everybody was getting along and enjoying the food, until the officer approached the families, forced them to leave, and threatened them with a ticket.

“Everybody just went, ‘huh?’” said a confused Rudd.

As you can see on the video, when CBS 12 attempted to interview the officer, he replied, “I’m not allowed to talk with you,” and instructed the interviewer to “take your questions to the administration building.”

He eventually relied on the excuse of “following orders.”

“You were following orders, is that fair?” asked reporter Israel Balderas

“Yes sir!” said the officer, seemingly proud to be a subservient pawn of the State.

“It’s very disappointing. We didn’t intend for this today,” said one of the family members.

“We just wanted to give the food and be able to bless people,” he continued.

This would not be the first time Americans have been harassed by officers and kicked out of parks for feeding the homeless.

Members of Food Not Bombs, a pro-peace organization, were also threatened and physically restrained for handing out warm food to the homeless population in Orlando.

Potbellied officers with whistles arrived at the park and threatened members of Food Not Bombs with arrest if they shared food with the park’s homeless residents.

Once the sharing began anyway, the officers swarmed in on Food Not Bombs and physically forced them to stop feeding the homeless.

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Friends, when a government claims that sharing food in a park is now a “crime,” and its loyal officers are ready to inflict violence on those committing the “crime,” you begin to realize just how insane things have become.

Now, many are wondering if the families of Acts 2 will return to the park and receive the same fate for continuing to feed the homeless.

If they do, they will be “ticketed” (i.e. stolen from) and quite possibly arrested. And if they resist arrest they will be beaten, tasered, or shot, and of course, charged with assaulting an officer.

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It’s a testament to the kind of police state we now live in, isn’t it — when dressing in a costume and obediently “following orders” are extolled as virtues, to the point of harassing families who share during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Watch the officer kick out a Church family for giving Thanksgiving food to homeless Americans:
Also, watch officers stop the organization Food Not Bombs from feeding homeless Americans in Florida: