Graphic Video Shows Aftermath Of Teen Shot By Conneticut Cop


A video reportedly showing the immediate aftermath of a police-involved shooting in Bridgeport, Conn. has family members questioning if police allowed a 15-year-old to needlessly die and have claimed it proves the police lied about the incident.

Jayson Negron was shot and killed by police this week, but a grainy, amateur video reportedly obtained by state police is raising several questions as to whether his death could have been prevented. The video appears to show Negron’s head moving from a rightward position to face down.

Giovanni Rivera, 24, apparently the cousin of the victim, posted the video — which police admit to have seen.
Rivera also posted a sad message on May 12 to both accounts alleging the incident didn’t have to turn fatal, saying “I’m in so much pain right now, they left my baby cousin on the ground to die.”

According to authorities, Bridgeport Officer James Boulay, 30, opened fire on Negron after the latter allegedly struck the officer in a stolen vehicle. The 15-year-old was then pronounced dead at the scene.

Rivera said Bridgeport police told his family that Negron was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. He believes the video shows otherwise,according to Hartford Courant.

“If that crucial part of the story is a lie, everything else is up for question,” he said.

Julian Fyffe, 21, of Bridgeport, the passenger in the allegedly stolen vehicle, was taken to the hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

No weapons were discovered in the vehicle.

In the minute-long clip, Negron is shown, handcuffed, lying face down on the ground. At one point, the camera pans away from the victim. Once it finds him again, his head has turned a different direction as an officer is seen standing close by which contradicts the polices version of the story.

Sirens coming from emergency vehicles can be heard approaching as bystanders watch the incident unfold.
An autopsy shows Negron died from gunshot wounds to the chest.

Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez said Negron’s body lay in the street for around six hours so that officials could gather evidence. Further, shields were reportedly not set up around Negron’s body.

There was reported confusion as to whether Perez’s staff could cover the body before state police detectives arrived. The police chief indicated that a forensic official told him he could have covered the body with a sheet.

“I don’t care if it’s a good guy or a bad guy — I will never allow that to happen again,” Perez said. “Never. That’s normal procedure — we hide the body.”

The Connecticut ACLU said in a statement that Bridgeport police showed “callous disregard” for the teen. They also called for widespread police reform.

City mayor Joseph Ganim said the fact that Negron’s body remained uncovered is “unacceptable.”
Boulay is now on administrative leave while an investigation on the death takes place.

Hundreds gathered at the site to pay their respects for Negron and to call for change within law enforcement.

Negron’s GoFundMe page has nearly reached its $10,000 goal in just days.


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