“He looked at my testicles…” – Police Officer Charged for Illegally ‘Strip Searching’ Young Boy at School


STOCKTON — Officer Mario Gates is the president of the Stockton Unified police officers union.

He also works as a Stockton Unified School District police officer.

His position as an officer is now under fire, being accused of forcing a 14-yr-old boy to strip his clothes off during an illegal strip search.

The boy was forced to take off his clothes to be searched “without reasonable suspicion for a said search and without prior authorization of the supervising officer on duty,” according to the complaint filed by the DA.

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The boy had been involved in a schoolyard scuffle with another student, according to his mother.

The officer then strip searched her child when nobody else was around, according to her statement.

When she picked up her son, school staff did not tell her about the strip search.

“The guy made me pull my pants down, looked at my testicles, made me squat and cough,” her son told her, humiliated by the ordeal.

Officer Gates then showed up at the mother’s home after the search to “apologize” for humiliating her child, according to reports.

“He knew what he did. I was very, very upset,” says the mother.

Officer Gates was placed on administrative leave as the complaint surfaced, according to reports.

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The Chief of Stockton Police, Officer Gustafson, says “This is a serious matter and I am deeply concerned about the allegation.”

Officer Gates is scheduled for an arraignment on February 13, 2015.

Watch the eye-opening video below to learn why schools have become places for police to abuse children and get them used to a life in prison, video produced by CopBlock.org


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