Honolulu Police Officer & Former Officer Arrested by FBI in Public Corruption Case

Officer Bobby Nguyen and former Major Gordon Shiraishi

HONOLULU – A Honolulu Police Officer and Former Honolulu Police Major have been arrested in the much anticipated federal investigation into public corruption at some of the highest levels of law enforcement.

The police chief and his wife, a high-ranking deputy prosecutor, are fighting off allegations of civil rights violations and abuse of powers.

Officer Bobby Nguyen and former Major Gordon Shiraishi were arrested Sunday by the FBI. Both received target letters from the Feds last year, along with HPD Chief Louis Kealoha, who was forced to retire as a result of the ongoing investigation.

Kealoha has not been arrested but Sunday’s developments certainly indicate that the federal grand jury is close to wrapping up.

Nguyen is a relative of the Kealoha’s and was even living on their property at one time. Nguyen is a key figure in the case that started when the Kealoha’s mailbox was stolen and an uncle was falsely accused of the crime.

The uncle was involved in bitter disputes with the Kealohas over money.

Shiraishi was head of the Criminal Intelligence Unit for HPD when the mailbox theft happened. CIU was the investigating unit of the mailbox theft, which was later thrown out in federal court with prejudice. That vindicated the uncle who was accused and essentially turned the tables. The FBI began investigating the Kealohas and the CIU officers involved for allegedly framing the uncle for the crime.

Source: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/36601661/fbi-arrests-hpd-officer-tied-to-kealoha-mailbox-scandal-corruption