‘Hookers for Hillary’ Join Up with Pimp and Rally for Hillary Clinton


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It is indeed an odd day when feminism has come to mean selling one’s body like a slave.

In this day and age where “slavery is freedom,” we now present you with a bunch of hookers that teamed up with their pimp to support “the first female president.”

The first feminists were insurrectionists against the state.

Feminism was a violent struggle for civil rights such as voting, access to public education, and economic liberation.

Even until the 1990s, it was not a crime for a husband to rape his wife.

Feminism was a struggle against demented laws and worldviews which indoctrinated one half of society against the other.

Real feminists saw that a house brainwashed against itself could never be filled with love.

Of course, this was also before we started embracing other slave-practices in America such as feeding meth under the label “Adderrall” to our children – but that is for another article, dear readers.

“Hookers for Hillary” is a group of “sex workers” convinced by their pimp, Dennis Hof in Nevada,  to support Hillary Clinton for President.


Dennis Hof center VIA NewYorkDailyNews

Dennis, pictured above, told reporters he is an economic conservative but his business has made him into a democrat.

“I’m a pretty conservative guy, except when you’re in the sex business, you don’t want people telling anybody who to sleep with, what to watch or what to read,” Hof said.

Hof’s “sex worker”, a young American female named Love who now sells her insides for money, told reporters she turned to prostitution in order to get health insurance and finally afford to feed her children.

“Dennis (Hof) talks about it, ‘We’re doing the voting for Hillary.’ But I already had it in my mind that I’m going to vote for her, so I’m all for it,” Love said.

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