Cops Go on Wild Rampage in Cannabis Raid, Destroy Property and Joke About Kicking Disabled Woman


SANTA ANA — Disturbing raw video footage has emerged showing a motley crew of police officers raiding a peaceful cannabis dispensary with guns pointed at the medical patients.

The cops break through the front door as if they’re in a war zone.

They make their way to the display counter, and startle several unsuspecting patients.

You can hear the cops screaming at the patients to get down on the ground, treating them as if they’ve done something egregiously wrong just for being there.

Perhaps the most horrific part of the video is when a disabled woman in a wheelchair tries to roll to safety.

A pompous female officer then jokes about “kicking her in her fucking nub.”

The woman seen in the wheel chair is Marla James and uses medical-grade cannabis for her health.

Marla says she was confused as to why the police officer would openly mock her disability.

“I was really nice to that officer,” Marla said.

“I even complimented her on her hair. I treated that woman with respect and I have no idea why she wanted to kick my stump,” she added.

marla james
Marla James was seen peacefully cooperating with officers during their rampage through the store — only to be absolutely disrespected.

Later on in the video cops in ski masks can be seen eating the marijuana edibles themselves, playing darts, and destroying property.

It’s almost as if they get a kick out of all the power the government has given them. It’s fun for them to put on ski masks, point guns at people, and steal property.

Had any one of those medical patients made a wrong move, one wonders if these cops would have executed them and probably laughed about it back at the department.

Friends, this is the very essence of the war on drugs played out before your eyes.

What you see here, in all objectivity, is two groups of people. One group of people is acting with initiatory violence, the other group of people is peacefully minding its own business. Which group of people are more harmful to society?

europeans-using-new-techThe War on Drugs is a program that was invented by the US Government in the 1970s to enslave Americans.

Police officers are paid to scoop up peaceful “drug offenders” and lock them in prison cells. The companies who own those prisons then get to profit by having their cells filled up. The prisoners are put to work doing cheap labor, such as working in assembly lines making weaponry for the military.

Perhaps it’s time to stop the War on Drugs and start the War on Corrupt Governments.

Watch the video below: