Horrific Raw Video Shows Police Beating Man Into Oblivion — Now He’s Fighting Back


INKSTER, MI — A horrific raw video has surfaced online showing police officers strangling an innocent man and pounding the man’s head over and over again.

The incident began when Floyd Dent was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Floyd said that during the traffic stop, cops planted drugs in his car.

Many people still think that cops would never do this — in reality, cops do it all the time.

The reason cops plant drugs on innocent people is because they can get career boosts and increase their arrest records back at the department.

Often, people of lower income and people who aren’t educated are targeted, because cops know that such people do not typically have the resources or wherewithal to pursue legal action after being framed.

Along with accusing Floyd of possessing drugs, cops dragged him from his vehicle and beat him on the street.

The raw video footage shows that Floyd was not resisting at all and did nothing to provoke the officers.

The beating was absolutely horrific. While they had him in a chokehold, an officer can be seen pounding his head at least 16 times. In addition, they also shot him three times with high-voltage electricity, shocking his central nervous system with their taser guns.

Once they got this innocent man to the station, they proceeded to humiliate him even more, stripping his clothes off and leaving him suffering with three broken ribs and a broken orbital bone.

They refused to get him medical attention despite him begging them to do so.

Floyd has since undergone a lie detector test to prove that the cops framed him. He passed the test with flying colors, demonstrating that he was telling the truth and that the officers planted drugs, according to reports.

The prosecutor has stated that she will reconsider the drug charges, given that Floyd proved he was telling the truth.

Far from “protecting” people, police have major financial incentive to ruin people’s lives, and for every story you hear about like Floyd’s, there are thousands of innocent Americans who don’t make it to the news. Most of them are locked in cages right now, silenced and trapped, while cops rent yachts and go on luxurious vacations funded by taxpayers.


Most of the time they can get away with it because they target people who don’t have money or education to legally fight back. In this case, however, Floyd is doing everything in his power to seek justice — something the cops probably didn’t expect.

After the raw video was viewed in court, Floyd’s charges of “resisting arrest” and “assault on an officer” were dismissed.

He also tested negative for drugs, proving that he had no drugs in his system and took a lie detector test proving that the only drugs in his car were planted there by cops, according to reports.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and the court is expected to reach a final decision in late April.

Watch the raw video below: