Shocking Video Shows Cops Force K9 to Maul Surrendering Man


Reno, NV – The task of bringing fugitives to justice falls to the capable hands of U.S. Marshals—and the Marshals typically have no problem capturing their target. But when they partnered with Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies in January to apprehend Eugenio Enrique Corona, the fugitive was not returned to jail safe and sound.

Corona had violated the terms and conditions of his parole when he was alleged to have been in possession of methamphetamines and a firearm. Instead of returning to prison, he is believed to have fled, forcing the Marshals to come looking for him.

Washoe deputies caught up with Corona, and a car chase ensued but ended as soon as Corona stopped. He exited the car, got on his knees, and in typical prison submission fashion, interlocked his hands behind his head.

He surrendered.

However, instead of simply walking over and placing the wanted man in handcuffs—which would have seemingly been easy considering he was in the position of surrender— Corona’s lawyers say Washoe police proceeded to sic their dog on him as punishment.

For surrendering, he was tortured.

In the video from the dash cam of one of the deputy’s cars, Corona can be seen kneeling on the ground, hands locked behind his head. The cars roll up and stop, then a dog runs over and attacks Corona, clamping down on his arm and tearing into him.

According to a report from the Reno-Gazette Journal, there were two deputies on the scene—Jason Wood and Francisco Gamboa:

“Wood commanded Rony to ‘get that bad guy’ as the dog latched on to Corona’s arm, biting him on the bicep and chest, the lawsuit said. A second deputy, Deputy Francisco Gamboa, punched Corona in the face while yelling at him to stop resisting, according to the lawsuit.”

Wood’s command to “get that bad guy” was followed by the comments officers are trained to say when they want to punch someone: “stop resisting.” It is clear to see that Corona was in no way “resisting,” even when his arm and chest were being mauled by the attack dog.

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