Horses Being Shot and Killed — Investigation Suggests Shooter is Cop



LIVINGSTON COUNTY — What kind of person would go out and start shooting innocent horses?

That’s the question many have been asking, after WHEC Rochester reported on a tragic incident in which two horses were gunned down.

One horse died from the gunfire. Another horse barely survived and still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

“We’ve had horses all our lives. They’re just like your kids and that’s how you feel. You’ve lost one of your family. That’s how my wife feels,” says Tom Maggio, the owner of the horses.

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One of the men involved in the shooting turns out to be an employee of the Ontario County Sheriff’s Department, according to reports.

The men claim that they were “hunting coyotes,” but that fails to explain why two horses were shot in two separate locations.

“How do you mistake a horse for a coyote?” asks Maggio.

Some might suspect that the cop may have been shooting the animals for fun, but the investigation is still underway.

The shooters have been fined a mere $200 each.

Of course, no amount of money can bring back these beautiful, peaceful creatures.

Christian Smith, one of the men involved in the shooting, is a law enforcement officer, according to reports.

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“The Ontario County Office of Sheriff is now conducting a separate internal investigation relative to the off-duty conduct of this employee,” said Sheriff Povero.

Officer Smith has not been fired and is still on duty while the “internal investigation” proceeds.

“You know, it was swept under the carpet — too much doesn’t add up,” said Maggio.

“Something needs to be changed. It really, really does. Because this time it’s a horse, next time it might be one of us,” he added.

Watch video below: