Human Trafficker Admits to Bribing Police and Killing Over 400 Children in Video Confession


A horrifying confession by a human trafficker is making the rounds online, giving viewers a glimpse into the psyche of someone who profits from kidnapping, selling, and killing children.

Investigative Ross Kemp was able to track down the human trafficker and interview him in person to get direct answers on the kinds of abuse that victims endure.

The trafficker at one point admits to bribing police, and killing over 400 children.

Kemp looked visibly troubled by the admission and presumably he had to exert a great deal of self-control to keep from attacking the killer right then and there.

The trafficker kept his face pointed toward the ground and confessed to selling thousands of children into sex slavery, while killing those that were not able to be sold.

“If the girls try to run away, or if there’s any trouble, then the girls are killed and buried,” said the trafficker, after admitting to kidnapping girls as young as 12.

We must warn you, the video you are about to watch contains disturbing themes. Discretion is advised.

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