“I Don’t Give a S**t About Your Wedding!” — Officer Interrupts Couple’s Wedding Activity Over Permit: Report



CARBON COUNTY, PA — A deeply upsetting report has been provided on Facebook from a citizen who says she and her family were harassed and berated by an officer on her wedding day.

The couple was just married and they were taking photos amidst the beautiful scenery at Lake Mauch Chunk, a place that was special to them because of previous trips there.

They never expected that a large officer would approach them and begin interrogating them over a permit.

The officer then chased the couple out of the state park after humiliating them, according to the report.

The full encounter was described on Facebook as follows:

This past Saturday, 8/8/15, this officer was verbally abusive and greatly over applied his power as he mistreated my husband and I on our wedding day. Married for no more than 15 minutes, we headed to Lake Mauch Chunk straight from St. John’s Lutheran Church (on North St.) so that we can take our wedding photos where we spend our family camping trips. From NY, we invited 150 of our closest family and friends to tour the beautiful town of Jim Thorpe and celebrate our marriage with us. I did not feel safe asking this officer for his name, I am very glad that one of my groomsmen had the presence of mind to snap this picture of his face.

He berated my new husband in front of me and my two young daughters, humiliated my father in law for sharing that he is a retired police officer, and chased us out of this state park where we have so many fond memories of our family vacations.

He told us he did not give a sh!$ that is was our wedding day, and he told us to “leave before it gets worse for you.” When we asked why, he expressed that we needed a permit for our limo to drive us into the park. At the time I was unaware that one was needed (I’m still unsure if this is true), but I did beg the officer to please let my limo driver leave us there for 10 minutes while he drives away so that we can at least have a wedding photo of our wedding day at this beautiful place that was so meaningful to us. He snickered as if it gave him pleasure before he scowled at us “No!” and smiled. He stated that it was because my father in law is a retired cop from Nassau County and that he “hates NY”.

I can’t stop thinking of how he (almost) ruined our wedding day. I felt so helpless and I still do. Someone in your community needs to know how abusive this man is. I have never met anyone so heartless and with such ice inside his heart.

I need this to be heard by the people of PA

Another user commented on the report, identifying himself as a former officer who used to work with the officer described above. The user wrote:

“[The officer’s] name is Scott Christman and he is an ego manic, , and the biggest in the world…I worked with him and I know what he has said to people and what a prick he has been..you have no clue…”

And another user who described himself as a former deputy seemed to corroborate the kind of character this officer has, writing:

“[This officer] is the reason I resigned my position as a deputy Fish & Boat commission officer in Carbon County!!…”

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