“I Held My Son While a Cop Shot Him to Death” – Pastor Devastated After Cop Murders His Mentally Ill Child


For a parent there is nothing worse than losing a child.

However, Pastor Ted Rose’s story will send shivers down your spine.

His mentally ill son was in his arms when a cold blooded killer shot him at point blank range, the father says he felt the bullets pierce through his boy’s body.

Jonathan Rose was unarmed and had done nothing to provoke the attack that killed him.

Even more heartbreaking is what happened after the incident on January 17, 2012.

Blood was splattered all around as the family watched the 24-year-old’s listless body in horror.

“Why did you kill my son?” asked the pastor again and again.

“I don’t know,” whispered the glassy-eyed killer thrice.

Months later this man sat across the table from Ted and told everyone that Jonathan’s older brother had reassured him on the scene that it was perfectly fine that he had shot the boy.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. You had to do it,” the murderer reports the boy to have said.

Ted, who is still dealing with the loss of one son, says now his other child has to live with the fact that someone claimed that he had said those callous words about his sibling who had just been murdered in front of his eyes.

The family says the boy only spoke to his brother’s lifeless body and uttered “I love you Johnny”.

The person who fired those fatal shots was Deputy David McEntire of Sacramento County.

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He has a disturbing 12-year history, has been sued thrice for use of excessive force and faced at least six internal affairs complaints since 2008.

He is still employed with the department and continues to receive a salary.

This is the same officer who had received five letters of resignation for his stellar performance in recent evaluations.

What happened that night?
Jonathan was a paranoid schizophrenic, that day three years ago he refused to take his medication and became progressively restless.

His father sought help from the police as he had done in the past without any problems.

McEntire arrived at the Rose’s residence at least 45 minutes after the pastor had called. By this time Jonathan had already fallen asleep.

The family noticed that the officer was agitated from the moment he stepped inside their home.

“Where is he?” asked the deputy as soon as he arrived.

Not long after a physical fight ensued between the officer and Jonathan.

This involved the mentally ill boy being shoved against a wall so intensely that it caved in.

As the boy tried to get up, McEntire took his baton and whacked him across the head and blood went flying in all directions.

Ted says Jonathan fell onto the bed after this.

The enraged cop then got on top of him, held him down with his left hand and punched the boy’s face with his right.

At first the victim held his hands up to defend himself, when it got too much he hit the officer.

The pastor got in between the two men to separate them.

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As the father dragged his son away, he said “Johnny, don’t resist him he’s going to kill you”.

That is when McEntire pulled his gun out and shot the boy.

“I actually felt the bullets riddle through my boy’s body,” said the father. “It’s the most horrible thing.”

The lawsuit

Although Ted will never get his son back he has now filed a court case accusing the deputy of using excessive force.

The Sacramento County has decided to defend the officer and claim that he was justified because his life was in danger.

The Rose family on the other hand believes that it is time he paid for his aggressive ways.

Ted says there should be no place for him on the force.

“This is an absolute crazed lunatic maniac.”

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