“I’ll Kill You!” – Cop Holds Gun to Citizen’s Head, Threatens Murder


Disturbing video footage has surfaced showing what appears to be an officer holding a gun to an unarmed citizen’s head and threatening to murder him.

“Don’t fucking resist,” one officer says to James Yarborough.

Moments later a pistol can be seen in the video being held against James’s head.

“I will kill you, you understand? Give me your hand, now!” says the officer.

The incident occurred in March when police attempted to stop a vehicle, according to reports.

James was a passenger in the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was apparently trying to sell James a gun, though James did not want it, according to reports.

When officers tried to pull over the vehicle, James exited and began to flee on foot because he felt that he would be entrapped and arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

He now says he regrets the decision to run.

“The only thing I did wrong that day was run,” says James.

Police eventually caught him, and that is when the rough treatment can be observed via an officer’s body cam.

The cop can be heard threatening to kill James, and James was severely beaten.

Watch the video below: