“I’m Doing It All, Man” – Hero Cop Who Bragged About His Great Life Charged With Child Sex Crime

danny vaghan

TEXAS — Officer Vaughan was hailed as a “hero” and often pointed out as an example of why we “need police” when he was shot once by an armed citizen.

But now all that has changed.

He has been charged for indecency with a child, after exposing his body to her. 

It happened when Officer Vaughan rented his house out to the victim’s family.

Because his house was being rented out to them, Officer Vaughan had continual contact with the family.

On one occasion when he had the young girl alone, “He exposed himself to her,” according to reports.

He then tried to “have her touch him.”

Officer Vaughan used to be hailed as a hero after he survived a shooting, and began giving motivational talks to other cops on “how to survive.”

His speaking engagements costed up to $1600 each for his appearance, according to reports.

He frequently spoke with reporters about how much he enjoyed his life even after being shot.

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“I’m doing it all, man,” he once said, cheering about how great his life had become.

Apparently “doing it all” includes molesting children.

Officer Vaghan turned himself in at a county jail in Brazoria, but was later set free on a bond.

He was supposed to face 30 years in prison for what he did.

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Because he pleaded guilty, his sentence was reduced to only eight years deferred adjudication.

He will also have to pay a fine of $1000.

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