“I’m Gonna F*cking Shoot You! You’re Gonna be F*cking Dead!” Cop Executes American Citizen Who Owned a Firearm

jerame shooting2

BRIDGETOWN — A disturbing raw video captured by a dash cam has surfaced online showing police pull out their guns and opening fire on a citizen for owning a firearm.

The footage shows Jerame Reid being shot multiple times and executed on the street as he had his hands raised in the air.

The video has caused a wave of protests and outrage at police.

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The incident began when Bridgetown police officers pulled over Jerame for a traffic violation, accusing him of “running a stop sign.”

Jerame was a passenger in the car. Both Jerame and the driver of the car can be seen on the video cooperating with police instructions.

Officer Days is heard asking to see the registration and the drivers license.

When the glove compartment was opened to retrieve the paperwork, Officer Days noticed that there was a firearm in the compartment, but it was not pulled out.

It is legal for Americans to own firearms and neither the driver nor Jerame expressed any malicious or threatening behavior in the video.

Officer Days, upon seeing the firearm, immediately pulls out his gun and aims at Jerame, screaming “Don’t you fucking move! Show me your hands!”

At that point the video shows Jerame and the driver lifting their hands in the air as instructed and trying to explain something to the officers, perhaps that they were registered gun-owners.

“I’m going to fucking shoot you! You’re going to be fucking dead,” screamed Officer Days

Officer Days can be seen springing back and forth on his toes as if he were eager to pull the trigger.

The video then seems to show Officer Days pulling the gun out of the glove compartment, ensuring that the gun could not be reached for.

Jerame can be seen with his hands raised in the air exiting the vehicle, at which point both officers fired nearly a dozen rounds into Jerame, executing him instantly.

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Both officers have been placed on paid leave.

The department is conducting an internal investigation into the shooting to determine whether they were justified.

What do you think of this incident? Do you think police should execute Americans for owning firearms, or did the officer have to shoot Jerame because he feared for his life? Give us your opinion after the video: