Indian Man Attends Police Brutality Protest, the Next Day Cops Shoot Him Five Times, Executing Him

RAPID CITY — Allen Locke of Rapid City had participated on Friday in a protest against police brutality.

The very next day, he was shot five times and executed by police.

Allan was a native American, father, and only 30 years old.

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It began around 6 PM on Saturday, when police showed up to Lakota Community Homes to “remove a resident,” according to reports.

It is unknown why Allen was being removed — some speculate that it was due to a bank taking his home away from him.

Police claim that Allen “had a knife” and “charged” them.

Fearing for their lives, they unloaded five bullets into his body, executing him on the spot.

Cops are trained liars, and the only person who witnessed what they did is now dead, unfortunately.

It is noteworthy that they felt they needed to shoot him 5 times until he died instead of injuring him with a single bullet. Of course, shooting him 5 times had the advantage of ensuring that he was not alive to dispute their “official report.”

On Friday before the shooting, Allen’s family said that he was part of a #NativeLivesMatter anti-police brutality demonstration.

Allen’s community has held vigils and ceremonies to remember his life.

“He is making his spirit journey,” his family said in a statement to the community.

The cop who executed him has been identified as Officer Anthony Meirose.

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Officer Meirose has been granted administrative leave.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and the Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation will be “investigating” the shooting, according to reports.

Both the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the shooting, according to reports.

We will update this article as more details are made available.