Intense Body Cam Shows How a Cop Can Stop a Knife-Wielding Maniac WITHOUT Killing Him


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Glendale, OH — A Glendale cop just showed the world that cops in America can actually stop a person armed with a knife — without killing them.

In video after video after video, we see police needlessly escalate situations to deadly force prior to attempting any heroic action, or even less lethal action, or simply backing up when confronted with people holding knives.

Mentally ill individuals have a 1,600% higher chance of being killed by police than anyone else, regardless of race.

All too often, we see good people, who are in need of medical help – gunned down by officers because they ‘fear for their lives’ due to a complete lack of training in dealing with the mentally ill.

When the extremely rare case of police officers stopping an armed assailant without killing them is captured on video, the world needs to know. While celebrating the officer(s) who stopped the man without killing him is important – what’s more important is showing other officers and their apologists that it’s possible to solve these problems without deadly force.

On March 29, Officer Josh Hilling faced down with a man apparently at the end of his rope with nothing to lose. He was now attempting suicide by cop.

“Kill Me! Mill Me!” Aleman said dozens of times as he came at Hilling after refusing to be patted down for walking along the interstate. In Aleman’s hand was a huge Bowie knife.

At this point, every cop in the United States would have been entirely justified in filling Aleman with holes. However, Hilling didn’t react like every other cop would — he respected the preservation of life.

A single non-lethal shot was fired, and Hilling took a defensive stance instead of an offensive one. Instead of automatically killing Aleman, who was a significantly lower threat now with a bullet hole in his abdomen, Hilling merely backed up and tried to calm him down.

Eventually, as his backup arrived, those cops didn’t shoot either, and no one was killed.

Glendale, Ohio’s police chief Dave Warman explained that firing once was against their training practices.

“Quite honestly we are trained to tic-tac shoot twice,” Warman said. “We’re backing up, and he’s trying to strike with a knife and was able to get one shot in and that was enough to subdue the guy and wait for help to come.”

However, the fact that Hilling only shot once which led to the non-lethal resolution has sparked an interest from other departments on how and why he did so.

Contrary to popular belief, a real hero is someone who preserves life through acting courageously — not someone who unloads their weapons every time they encounter non-threatening inanimate objects like screwdrivers, and ink pens, or even a spoon!

Hilling’s single act of courage has sent ripples through the police community and now it will serve to teach officers how killing is not always necessary.

“I’ve been called by training academies across the country, and they already saw the tape today, and they’re requesting a copy to train new officers,” said Warman. “And hopefully, that could make a difference to some of these young kids coming out.”

Watch the video below: