Iowa Trooper Fired After Interacting With Employees in ‘Intimidating, Threatening and Unwelcome’ Way

DES MOINES, Iowa — A termination letter shows that a member of the Iowa State Patrol was fired this month because of “intimidating, threatening and unwelcome” interactions with colleagues.

The patrol fired Des Moines-based trooper Wade Karp on July 3 after a 10-month paid administrative leave. The agency had refused to explain the leave or reason for the termination, citing only violations of department rules.

In response to an appeal filed by The Associated Press, the patrol reversed course Friday and released a heavily redacted copy of Karp’s two-page termination letter under the open records law.

The document shows Karp was accused of violating the state’s violence-free workplace policy and engaging in “unbecoming conduct.” The letter says Karp interacted with employees in and out of the patrol in ways that were “intimidating, threatening and unwelcome” and that those actions reflected unfavorably and impaired department operations.

The department blacked out nearly half of the letter, claiming it contains confidential personnel information.