Is the NYPD Starting a Fake Crime Wave? Woman Randomly Attacked by NYPD Officer in Subway



NEW YORK — An innocent 28-yr-old woman working as an MTA employee in a subway station was brutally shoved and choked in an unprovoked attack, according to reports.

The woman was working in the station at around 2:30 AM when a huge man ran over to her and attacked her.

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After the attack, the man can be seen on video leaving the station grinning with pleasure, as if he had choked the woman just for fun.

The woman was hospitalized with injuries to her head, neck, and back, according to reports.

The Wonkette observed that when the New York Daily News heard about this incident, it was described as follows:

A hulking brute grabbed a 28-year-old MTA employee up in a bear hug at a Bronx train station, shoved her onto the platform and began choking her in an unprovoked attack – then ran away smiling, authorities said Wednesday.

But when learning that the attacker was a cop, the description changed to the following:

Police Officer Mirjan Lolja, 37, was suspended after the assault in which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker — who was on-duty and in her uniform — was allegedly put into a bear hug, thrown to the floor and choked, cops said.

Conveniently, the term ‘hulking brute’ was taken out and ‘allegedly’ was added.

“The callousness of him smiling has been dropped, too,” notes the Wonkette, “demoted to the second paragraph. This is no surprise — it’s just an example of the subtle way in which our media defers to and genuflects before law enforcement, shaping and coloring the narrative in their favor.”

Aside from typical media propaganda, many Americans are deeply concerned about this purportedly random attack. They are concerned about whether NYPD officers are planning to dress in plain clothes and begin attacking people in order to start a crime wave.

Here’s why this is a concern.  As most know, the NYPD is angry at the mayor of New York and has is currently staging a de facto strike: they’ve stopped arresting people for victimless crimes and they’ve stopped issuing revenue-generating “tickets” for harmless traffic infractions.

But the strike has majorly backfired on the NYPD, because it has demonstrated that citizens are actually saving money and avoiding harassment. The NYPD only did what Americans have been wanting them to do: leave peaceful people alone and focus on real crime.

Realizing that the strike backfired, many suspect that officers in the NYPD may purposely stage some kind of disaster or crisis scenario, or they may take to the streets at night and start a crime wave, in order to create the illusion that they are needed for protection, so that they can continue receiving salaries.


We remember that during the Egyptian revolution, police stations were burned down in just under 72 hours in several cities. Communities started their own crowd-funded patrol units, neighbors developed emergency response plans, and basic self-defense measures were taken to deal with the occasional break-in or burglary. And for a while, communities were peaceful; people began realizing that they didn’t need a police state. At that point police went undercover and began randomly attacking citizens in order to get people thinking that they were needed again.

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Indeed, it appears that this “random” subway station attack by an NYPD officer in plain clothes was quite possibly an attempt to increase crime on purpose.

We must all be vigilant on our streets and fully aware of our surroundings. Take your cameras out and film anything that looks like an agent of the State may be engaged in suspicious terrorist activity.

Watch the video below to see the thug cop smiling with pleasure after the attack occurred:

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