Jogging Woman Arrested and Dragged Into Squad Car for Crossing Street Without ID


AUSTIN — A video has surfaced showing an athletic woman being harassed and arrested by two officers as she cried “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The woman was jogging in her gym clothes by the University of Texas campus.

Officers were seen roaming the streets for hours in what a department spokesperson calls “pedestrian enforcement.”

She was exercising when the two fat officers stopped her and hauled her to jail.

She was exercising when the two fat officers stopped her and hauled her to jail.

Police statists claim that this was being done to monitor the crosswalks in order to “ensure the safety” of pedestrians.

The reality of the situation is that police do it to issue tickets for jaywalking, generating revenue for the government they protect.

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Texas student Chris Quintero happened to be sitting at Starbucks across the street when he noticed the two officers placing the woman in handcuffs.

He immediately began filming the incident.

“I heard a cop shout at an innocent girl jogging through West Campus with her headphones on,” said Chris.

Allegedly, she was jaywalking.

When the two officers shouted at her to give them her ID, she apparently didn’t have it.

That’s when they initiated physical force to stop her from jogging.

She can be heard on the video pleading with the officers to let her go, crying and repeating “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

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All of this, we are assured by the Nanny State, was “for her safety.”

The video then shows the police forcing her into the squad car and hauling her away.

Watch the video below.

UPDATE (02/23/14) Police Chief Angers Residents With Disturbing Statement. Apparently She Should be Grateful That Cops Didn’t Rape Her.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Austin police chief released a disturbing statement regarding the woman who was arrested.

Anger has poured on the department after he seemed to imply that the woman was lucky that the cops didn’t rape her, as they do in “other cities.”

“Quite frankly, she wasn’t charged with resisting. She’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer, because I wouldn’t have been as generous,” he said.

He quickly added, “In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.”

Apparently she should be happy that cops didn't sexually assault her.

Apparently she should thank the cops for not raping her.

The criticism over his statement pressured him to release an apology shortly afterwards.

The Raw Story reported his apology as follows:

“During the press conference I attempted to place the arrest into context by bringing attention to the fact that law enforcement deals with many acts of serious misconduct,” Acevedo wrote. “This includes recent instances in the news of sexual assault by police officers in other cities. In hindsight I believe the comparison was a poor analogy, and for this I apologize. I stand committed to transparent leadership and will continue to engage the community we serve in an open, honest, and timely manner.”


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