Justice Dept Will Not Charge Officers Who Shot Alton Sterling to Death



WASHINGTON, DC — The Justice Department has officially decided that the officers involved in Alton Sterling’s death will not face charges, according to reports.

Sterling was shot at close range by officers and killed, leading to nationwide unrest after footage of the incident surfaced online.

His family has not received word from the Justice Department yet, though the Department is expected to reveal within the next 24 hours that the probe will be closed.

The killing and investigation took place last summer and Obama’s Justice Department failed to complete the probe or prosecute the officers involved.

Protests erupted all over the US but none of the officers were prosecuted.

Because of that failure, the case has now been inherited by Jeff Sessions.

It is not clear whether it is being closed due to transitional personnel changes, or whether it is being closed as a principled decision by Sessions himself, but more details will be made available this week.