Kansas City Missouri Police Department Collude Directly With The Far-Right Extremist 3%er Militia.

An anonymous source came forward with this damning video of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department colluding directly with the far-right extremist 3%er militia. (See our previous post on this, linked in the comments). This is undeniable proof that these groups are working together and share a similar agenda. All reasonable people should be outraged at this highly illegal activity.

This occurred at Winstead’s near the Plaza, prior to the scheduled rally, at around noon on Sunday. Winstead’s is a popular location for police to gather to discuss strategy and prepare for protests that occur near the Plaza. This time, however, they had their far-right militia buddies there to discuss strategy with them.

The first part of the video is somewhat hard to hear, but it starts out with the KCPD cop saying, “we’re happy to have you out here…”

Then a 3%er responds with, “Just like last night.” And they both laugh, then it continues from there.
We DEMAND nothing short of the resignation of the officers in this video and the resignation of the new police chief Rick Smith. It is completely illegal and reckless for these officers to work together with this citizen militia, either officially or unofficially.

Please SHARE this video and spread it around far and wide. The local media has no interest in covering this story, so we have to do the work to hold the KCPD and the City of Kansas City, Mo. Government accountable.

Quick recap: On Sunday there was a rally calling for the renaming of the JC Nichols Fountain and against a Confederate memorial on the Country Club Plaza. As the rally started, a number of people noticed men in 3%er militia gear positioned on the hill overlooking the fountain, carrying AR’s and forming a perimeter. This was shocking to the rally attendees, many of whom were average community members who wanted to take a stand against the racism that is growing all around us.

The day prior to this, the same group of these men showed up with AR’s to another rally that called for the abolition of the racist prison system. At this rally people asked why they were there, and the 3%ers responded with, “KCPD told them to come.” They surrounded the park this rally was held at, and intimidated the rally attendees.

This is unacceptable and represents a threat to all people in the community, especially those who are fighting for justice and liberation on the front lines. Do your part to SHARE this video and make sure the KCPD is held accountable for this gross miscarriage of justice.

Source: Kansas City Revolutionary Collective

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