The Murder of Kelly Thomas


 This is what happened to Kelly Thomas.

These are the officers who did it.


Officers Found “Not Guilty” Despite Footage of Them Beating Kelly Thomas to Death

Unbelievably — but not surprisingly — the officers have been found “not guilty,” according to reports.

A jury has found them not guilty on all charges, despite the overwhelming video evidence.

A third officer, Joseph Wolfe, was also accused of involuntary manslaughter, but the DA has now dropped the charges in light of the not guilty verdict.

The verdict has sparked outrage across the nation.

As one commenter puts it, “I’m ashamed that this is what our country has belittled itself to.”

UPDATE (1/20/14): Cop Who Bragged About Beating Thomas “Wants His Job Back”

Officer Cicinelli, who was seen on video pounding Kelly Thomas’s face with the butt of his taser, has now petitioned to get his job back with the police department.

Cicinelli was on the forefront of the murder of Thomas and was named as one of the primary assailants, according to reports.

Jay Cicinelli

Officer Jay Cicinelli has only one eye because a citizen attempted to assassinate him in the 90’s, while he was working for the LAPD. Cicinelli survived the attempt. He was recently found “not guilty” despite video footage showing him beat Kelly Thomas to death.

it's finally here long editable finAfter the beating, he is also quoted as bragging “”I got the end of my Taser and I probably, just probably smashed his face to hell.”

A digital recorder also caught him saying, “”I fucking beat him probably 20 times in the face with this Taser.”

After being found “not guilty,” Cicinelli is now doubling down and attempting to get his job back, hoping to fund himself with money from hard-working Americans.

If he gets his way, he will be armed once again and set free to roam around in our neighborhoods.

UPDATE (1/24/14): Charges Completely Dismissed for Third Officer in Beating Death of Kelly Thomas

Former officer Joe Wolfe, who was seen repeatedly pounding Thomas with a club and driving his elbow into Thomas’s face, will now walk free along with officers Ramos and Cicinelli.

The judge agreed to formally dismiss the charges that were brought against him, according to reports.

The news adds more salt to an open wound, as Americans this week were already horrified by the “not guilty” verdict for Ramos and Cicinelli.

“Joe Wolfe was the first one to strike Kelly with a baton with his hands up surrendering, and then the devastating elbow blows crushing his face,” Ron Thomas, Kelly’s father, said.Wolfe

UPDATE (1/25/14): Officer Manuel Ramos Seen Partying as the Trial was Coming to a Close

Officer Ramos, who said “See these fists? They’re about to fuck you up” moments before beating Kelly Thomas to death, and who was later found “not guilty,” has been seen partying as the trial was winding down.


A source for the OC Weekly provided a photo of officer Manuel Ramos toasting with beer and tequilla — celebrating as if nothing ever happened, while Kelly Thomas’s parents and loved ones continue to mourn their son’s death.

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“The Weekly was able to verify that the person who took the photo was a Ramos Facebook friend. We wish we could get a bigger photo, but our source got it from their phone and the friend quickly scrubbed the post after I’m sure Ramos raised a fit, as it’s no longer on the timeline of those tagged,” said a reporter with  OC Weekly.

Update (10/13/15) – Kelly Thomas’s Dad is About to Begin Lawsuit Against the Cops

The OC Register reports that Kelly Thomas’s dad, Ron Thomas, is set to begin his wrongful death trial against the officers who killed his son.

“The lawsuit for me is really about accountability,” Thomas said. “It’s for the city Police Department to acknowledge that they did wrong.”

“I knew it would be a long road. I keep telling people that no matter what I’ve gone through, it’s nothing compared to what Kelly went through.

“I do it for him.”


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