Knoxville Officer Who Shot Unarmed Man in Back Can’t Claim Immunity


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  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    There’s this thing called personal responsibility. It’s something a lot of cops and their supporters, who often claim to be conservative and christian, say they have and wish they would see more of.
    Having a badge means more accountability, not less.
    No, he shouldn’t have run from you.
    But murder was not the right answer.
    You should have resorted to a non lethal take down.
    As spider man was told, great power means great responsibility. As the Bible says, to him whom much is given, much more will be asked. So the fact our tax dollars go to arm and train you to handle this situation means we can be pissed when you over react and shoot somebody. He maybe in the wrong, but he wasn’t an actual threat. It’s not about you and your ego’s take on your authority.
    It’s about as morally bank rupt as me, a big man, walking into a store. A little girl punches me in the balls, and I send her to the hospital.
    Or shoot her.
    Naturally that’s what Jesus would do, instead of smack her hand, give her a spanking, or better yet, get her mother and have her grounded. (in this case grounded means prison).