Little Rock Police Officer Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge

A Little Rock police officer was arrested Friday on a sexual assault charge after having a woman perform oral sex on him in a church parking lot in exchange for not being arrested, according to court documents.

Brandon Johnson, a Little Rock patrol officer currently on paid leave pending an internal investigation, was arrested after a woman told officers she was coerced into giving him oral sex instead of being arrested on an alleged public intoxication charge, according to an affidavit for Johnson’s arrest.

Little Rock police spokesman Eric Barnes said Johnson has been on leave since the Sept. 25 incident, and that the department is conducting an internal investigation into the allegations.

The woman told police Johnson asked her to perform oral sex on him and that “it wasn’t forceful,” but that she was “doing it out of fear for you know because of the authority. I felt like I was … doing something so I wouldn’t get in trouble,” the affidavit said.

Tests of DNA swabs from the woman’s clothing indicated the presence of semen, and DNA found in Johnson’s underwear matched that of the woman who made the allegation, court documents said.