Local Police Now Using NSA Data to Arrest You for Petty Violations (Drugs, Taxes)

WASHINGTON, DC: Bill Binney, a former high-ranking agent who was with the NSA for 32 years and served as its senior technical director, has come out publicly and declared: “We are now a police state.”

day we fight back

In a statement he sent to Washington’s Blog, he says, “The main use of the collection from these [NSA spying] programs [is] for law enforcement.”

“This is a total corruption of the justice system not only in our country but around the world. The source of the info is at the bottom of each slide. This is a totalitarian process – means we are now in a police state,” he added.

He was referring to a collection of slides that gives law enforcement agencies — including your local police — instructions on how to get your personal information from the NSA spying program.

This information then allows law enforcement agencies to arrest you for petty offenses, like possessing marijuana or not paying taxes appropriately on time.

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The slides tell law enforcement agencies that once they have the information, they must cover their tracks and not reveal in court that the information they used to arrest or convict you was obtained via the NSA (since it was done without a warrant).

Washington’s blog summarized the process  as follows:

By way of background, the government is spying on virtually everything we do.

All of the information gained by the NSA through spying is then shared with federal, state and local agencies, and they are using that information to prosecute petty crimes such as drugs and taxes. The agencies are instructed to intentionally “launder” the information gained through spying, i.e. to pretend that they got the information in a more legitimate way … and to hide that from defense attorneys and judges.

What this means for police is that they will be able to inflate their arrest records even more to boost their careers and bring massive profits to prison corporations.

Today, February 11th, 2014 has been dubbed The Day We Fight Back by thousands of organizations and websites coming together to fight State spying.

We often hear that there are good individuals out there who still work in law enforcement.

In participation with The Day We Fight Back, FilmingCops.com issues a challenge to these officers: will you continue to affiliate yourself with a totalitarian police state, sacrificing your self-respect for a paycheck, or will you begin fighting back from the inside?

Didn’t know the government was spying on you? Watch this: