Louisville Metro Police Officer Accused of Rape Ordered to Appear For Deposition

The former Louisville Metro Police officer accused in civil suits of sexually assaulting multiple women will be ordered to appear in court for a deposition.

Pablo Cano, who resigned from the department in September after police launched an investigation into the allegations, is a defendant in six lawsuits filed by different women.

Shannon Fauver, the attorney representing the women, argued her clients have gone through multiple interviews with investigators and sat for a deposition.

“He still needs to go through the process just like they had to,” Fauver said in court Thursday.

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Circuit Court Judge Darryl Lavery ruled that Cano will need to appear in court for a deposition, though he questioned how productive it would be given the possibility of criminal charges.

“I don’t know how, practically speaking, what you’re going to get from that,” Lavery said. “The first substantive question you ask, he’s going to assert his Fifth Amendment right.”

Cano, through his attorney Lee Sitlinger, has denied all allegations in the suits, which represent only one side of a case.

Attorneys were in court Thursday to discuss the progress of the various suits amid an ongoing criminal probe.

Prosecutors in the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office are reviewing the findings of the police department’s investigation for possible criminal charges.

Attorney Steve Schroering, who is representing Cano in the criminal matter, said Cano declined to speak with police investigators, invoking his Fifth Amendment right, which protects against self-incrimination.

Schroering said he has spoken with the prosecutor on the case and she said she’s still going through a large amount of evidence from Cano’s phones and computer that was given to her in June.

He’s been told of no timeline on the case, he said. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office also said the case is under review but no deadline is set.

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After the first suit alleging sexual assault was filed in June 2017, Cano was placed on administrative leave.

Five additional suits have since been filed against Cano, all alleging forced sexual contact on multiple occasions, including instances in which the officer was on duty and in uniform.

One of the women who filed a civil suit against Cano, identified only as Jane Doe III, asked a judge last week to allow her to withdraw her suit, saying she “has no faith in the process.”

Fauver wrote in a motion that Doe III has moved out of Jefferson County and doesn’t want to pursue the suit because of the little progress made in the case since it was filed in August 2017.

Source: https://eu.courier-journal.com/story/news/crime/2018/07/23/louisville-police-officer-accused-raped-ordered-sit-deposition/806246002/