Lying Cop Shoots and Kills a Family’s Dog and Laughs

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Video has emerged showing a Nevada police officer fatally shoot a dog before lying to the animal’s owner by telling him it “attacked” him.

According to police, Nye County Sheriff’s Deputy John Tolle responded to the Pahrump home of Gary Miller on April 10 after his security company reported multiple panic alarms at the residence. Miller, a world-record holding power lifter and certified firefighter, had sat on his keys setting off the alarms. After realizing his mistake, Miller called his security company to tell them what happened.

That didn’t matter however. Tolle still responded to the home despite the fact that a Pahrump Central Security employee called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office and updated a dispatcher about the situation. In footage recorded by Tolle’s body camera the Deputy can be heard disrespecting motorists as he makes his way to Miller’s home.

“Oh, you’re an idiot, aren’t you?!” he said on the full version of his body-cam footage. “I mean, you’re just a new kind of stupid.”

After arriving at Miller’s residence, Tolle did not follow appropriate department procedure and entered Miller’s fenced in yard without first seeing if there was an animal in the area.

“Generally what we’ll do is bang on the gate or make some kind of noise to see if there’s a dog on the property,” Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said. “But because of this type of call, that didn’t happen.”

On the full length body camera video Tolle was heard laughing about the shooting with another officer.
“Maybe Ill get time off now,” he stated. “This is why I cant deal with dog lovers. . . It is what it is.”
According to Miller, Blu had been in his family for almost six years after they first rescued him as a puppy.
“I look for him every morning when I walk out,” Miller said. “If the dog’s wagging his tail, even if he’s barking and growling, he’s no threat. My dog was still wagging his tail when he was laying on the ground bleeding to death.”

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