Man Asks Police to Stop Hurting Woman, Police Shoot Him With Taser Gun

A disturbing video has surfaced on World Star Hiphop.

Multiple officers are seen manhandling someone who appears to be a woman on the balcony of a second-floor.

A man can be heard begging the police to stop hurting the woman.

The woman can be heard screaming, “Someone help me please” as cops appear to be roughing her up.

“She needs help! She needs help bro!” the man is heard saying, pointing at the scene of brutality.

Moments later he is shot with a taser gun by an officer standing nearby.

His body can be seen tightening up as he collapses to on the balcony.

He clearly posed no threat to the officer, but was tased anyway.

Evidently, just asking the police to stop beating people is grounds to be tased now.

Watch the video below.

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