Man Charged With “Attempted Murder” After Crashing Truck into Empty Police Car

MARYLAND — Gene Brandon, 31, has been charged with attempted murder on two police officers after he crashed into an empty police patrol car.

The incident occurred on Aquasco Rd in Aquasco, Maryland and the footage was captured on a nearby CCTV.

Brandon worked as a trash truck diver.

According to reports, he purposely rammed his truck into a squad car after accusing the officers of killing his brother.

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Police deny that his brother was killed by them, and claim that Brandon is suffering from a delusion.

Brandon can be seen passing by two officers in the video and saying something to them.

The two officers were not in the car at the time.

Moments later, Brandon turns his truck around and can be seen crashing into one of the empty cars.

The officers can be seen running away from the site of the crash as it happens.

Police Chief Mark Magaw believes that the two officers were almost struck, saying “It’s by God’s grace that these two officers weren’t killed.”

The truck rammed into the patrol car and continued pushing it about 60 feet away from where it was originally parked.

While many viewers thought this was an instance of an angry man vandalizing police property, police themselves believe the man was actually attempting to murder both officers.

After the truck stopped, Brandon exited his vehicle and was arrested.

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Neither of the two officers was injured during the crash.

Now, Brandon is being charged with four counts — two of attempted murder and two more of first degree assault.

Watch the video below to see Brandon crashing his truck into the empty police car:


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