Video: Man Confronts Police Moments After They Shoot His Dog in the Head, Executing It



SALT LAKE CITY — Sean Kendall posted a video online moments after he confronted a group of police for the shooting death of his pet dog.

The officer who shot his dog trespassed in his backyard without a warrant.

The dog was fenced in, but the officer shot it to death anyway.

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Police claimed that the reason the officer entered Sean’s property was because he was “searching for a boy” in the neighborhood.

Apparently, the officer who shot the dog “feared for his life.”

Neighbors describe the dog as friendly.

Sean came home to see a pool of blood in his backyard.

Moments after his dog had been shot to death, he confronted the cops face-to-face.

“Why did an officer shoot my dog in the head?!” asked Sean.

“He was my best friend,” he said.

Sean tried to record the interaction but at one point drops the camera, apparently in an emotional breakdown.

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The officers appear to go speechless at one point as Sean expresses his anger.

Sean has set up a Facebook page called Justice for Geist.

Countless other families whose dogs have been killed by cops have joined with Sean calling for justice.  Please join his page and give him your support.

We warn you, the video is very intense.

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