Man Hospitalized for a Seizure is Handcuffed to Gurney and Anally Raped by Cop in the Hospital: LAWSUIT

NEW YORK CITY — Bishme Ayers, 25 years old, has spoken out publicly about abuse he suffered as an inmate at Rikers Island.

The corrections facility at Rikers Island has recently received criticism in the press over incidents in which officers beat and abused mentally ill prisoners.


Ayers’s confession is now the latest to emerge.

According to the statement, an officer said to Ayers “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

Ayers believes the officer said this because he was out for revenge after Ayers filed complaints about the unsanitary and abusive conditions at the facility.

Things began getting worse when the officers denied Ayers his medication for epilepsy, according to the report.

Without his medication,  Ayers had an epileptic seizure and was rushed to Jacobi Hospital where he was treated for an epileptic seizure.

That’s when the abuse continued, and scarred Ayers forever.

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As Ayers lay in his hospital bed, he says that the officer who had previously said “I’m gonna make you my bitch,” started approaching his bed, seemingly drunk.

“He starts punching me. … My right arm was handcuffed to the railing, so he got a white sheet and tied my left arm to my right arm, so my arm was across my face,” says Ayers.

“Then he started beating me up with the (baton) on my lower body, my legs.”

That’s when the officer is said to have forced an object into Ayers, anally penetrating him.

“Then all of a sudden he shoved something in my rectum. I’m screaming, I’m crying. I’m begging for somebody to help me.”

Watch the video below

A rape kit was applied to Ayers afterwards, and the results came back positive, indicating that a rape occurred, according to the statement.

“I’m seeing a therapist right now. I try not to think about it. It freaks me out.  I feel like my manhood was violated…”

He says that during the rape, the officer said “You like snitching on my officers? Don’t act like you don’t know who we are.”

The District Attorney in the Bronx and the Corrections Department itself are both currently investigating the statements, according to Michael Braverman, Ayers’s attorney.

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Ayers believes that the rape was done as revenge for his formal complaints against officer abuse at the corrections facility.

“I just want justice for what happened to me, and for the people to stand up. Because I know I’m not the only one who this happened to,” says Ayers.