Man Who Lost Job and Home Has Charges Dropped by Ferguson Cops After 5 Years

But it will never be like it was, he says.

“I can’t get the five years back,” he said. His children will not be able to get back missed educational or extracurricular activities, like the Junior Olympics. He will not forget the embarrassment.

“We cannot be made whole. We cannot get that time back,” he said.

Still pending is a July 31 federal lawsuit Watson filed against Officer Eddie Boyd III and Ferguson.

The suit says that on Aug. 1, 2012, Boyd held him at gunpoint and filed bogus charges against him. It also says that Boyd illegally searched Watson’s car, and $2,000 later turned up missing.

Police Chief Delrish Moss declined to comment on the case last month, citing the pending civil suit. The city and Boyd have not yet filed a response, and no lawyer is yet listed for them.

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