Man Misses the Birth of His Child, Spends Night in Jail After Speeding to Hospital


Sadly, James Reiner was not able to see his child being born, because he was forced to spend the night in jail.

The incident occurred when his wife, Dana, was in labor.

It was a painful night in 2015 that they would never forget. James was speeding to rush Dana to the hospital where she could give birth safely.

But before they could get to the hospital, an officer pulled them over.

When they tried to explain to the officer that it was an emergency, the officer evidently did not show mercy.

“I will you shoot you, you [expletive],” said the cop.

James pleaded with the officers while his wife was crying in pain and fearing a miscarriage.

Instead of letting the couple continue to the hospital, the officers forced James to the ground and after about 15 minutes, they finally called an ambulance.

One of the officers at the scene coldly remarked to James “Now you’re going to be in jail when your kid gets born,” according to reports.

Sharebly reports as follows:

When he asked the cops to stand up and look after his screaming wife, they shouted to stay on the floor. The officers were clearly taking their time with the situation and were even taunting the man. Fifteen minutes later, they finally call an ambulance for Dana. “Now you’re going to be in jail when your kid gets born”, one of the agents said.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the police agents even threatens to use a taser on the man. When he asked his colleague if the man had already been tased, he responded with “Well, it’s not too late yet.”

Twenty minutes later, an ambulance arrived and helped Dana give birth to a healthy baby girl. As for James, he was arrested and charged with ‘invading an officer’.

Watch the video below: