Man Sues Beaver County Police For Excessive Force After Being Handcuffed and Attacked by K-9

k9 attack

A Beaver County man is suing police, claiming officers used excessive force, but police said the man resisted arrest and reached for what they thought was a Taser.

The incident stems from a traffic stop that ended in an arrest in August 2016. James Cicco was driving on Route 68 when he was pulled over by Beaver police.

In a video of the incident, an officer opens the side door and attempt to pull Cicco out of the car. There’s a struggle and the officer then gets a police dog to help.

Cicco alleges that, as a result of the confrontation with officers, he suffered numerous injuries including a large gash under his arm. Cicco said he now has permanent scars because of the force used

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier said state police reviewed the video and interviewed witnesses. They ruled that officers used an appropriate level of force.

Multiple charges were filed against Cicco as a result of the incident, but a criminal trial ended with a hung jury in May. The civil lawsuit will go before a jury to decide.

Cicco is asking for $375,000 plus attorney fees. Stay with Filming Cops for updates on this story.