Man Tries to Save Stray Cat, Cops Shoot Him to Death


DOTHAN — Another innocent American citizen has been shot to death by police. This time, the citizen was simply trying to help an animal.

The incident began when Robert Lawrence found a stray cat in need of help.

Robert picked up the cat and promptly took it to a nearby animal shelter where it could be provided with food and safety.

Employees at the shelter asked to see Robert’s drivers license. It is not known why they needed to see his ID, but according to reports they insisted on seeing it as Robert was leaving.

Robert, who happened to be a Sovereign Citizens member, did not own government-issued identification.

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The Sovereign Citizens group describes itself as an organization that adheres to common law instead of State-corporate law. They believe that the North American State (commonly known as the US Government) is basically a corporation or a quasi-corporation, and that humans have no inherent obligation to serve as de facto employees of such a corporation.

Thus they reject the assignment of social security numbers, government-issued identification, and other forms of regimented control over natural identity.

CaptureeRobert explained to the animal shelter workers that he was a Sovereign and, since he did not use government-issued identification, offered to show alternative paperwork that would sufficiently identify himself.

Apparently, the shelter workers and Robert got into a dispute at that point. Robert was told he was not allowed to leave the shelter until he produced proper government-issued identification. The workers decided it would be a good idea to call the police.

When police arrived, the situation spiraled out of control. They informed Robert that he was going to be arrested.

During the attempt to lay hands on Robert to arrest him, Robert “became combative” and a struggle ensued.

The officers then shot him with a taser gun but the electrocution did not stop Robert from “being combative.”

It was at that point that one of the officers, whose name has not been released, pulled out his gun, aimed it at Robert, and pulled the trigger, shooting Robert in the abdomen even though Robert was unarmed and never threatened to kill anybody.

We guess the officer “feared for his life.”

Robert was rushed to a hospital, where he died shortly thereafter.

Domesticated, obedient writers at various media outlets have — in their typical authoritarian zeal — demonized the victim, highlighting the fact that he was a Sovereign Citizen who had anger issues. They categorize Sovereign Citizens as an extremist group, and make wild comparisons between the victim and “school shooters.”

Mainstream “news” organizations don’t realize that they no longer hold a monopoly on public discourse, that any reasonably sane person is able to see through their propaganda no matter how much neuro-linguistic programming they use, and that the free flow of information on the Internet has rendered their fake style of reporting obsolete.

Regardless of Robert’s past anger toward government officials, regardless of his political affiliations, the fact remains that he was unarmed and shot to death by police.

It is so boringly typical for pro-establishment media outlets to demonize victims of police murder.

Kelly Thomas was a “filthy bum” who “looked suspicious.” Tamir Rice was a “rebellious punk” whose parents shouldn’t have let him play with a toy gun. Allen Locke was an “anti-government extremist” who shouldn’t have been supporting Native American rights. Eric Garner was a “fat thug” who should have just “obeyed orders.” Alas Robert Lawrence was an “angry anti-government extremist” who shouldn’t have “got combative.”

“Conservative” and “progressive” outlets play an endless ping-pong game over the political views or social status of the dead victims, as if any of it justifies the fact that these people are being shot by officers.

In a society of domestication and social control, getting “angry” at injustice or holding “radical” views is all the justification needed, apparently, for police to shoot you dead.

Watch the video below for more

(Warning: pro-establishment fairy tales, bootlicking, brainwashing, and victim-demonization may occur.)

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