Man Who Landed Gyrocopter Near Politicians Facing Nearly 10 Years in Prison


UPDATE (8-5-15): Protester Starts Online Crowdfunded Defense

Douglas Hughes received nods of approval from hundreds of millions of people internationally when he flew a gyrocopter onto the West Lawn of the Capitol months ago, in protest against a corrupt government.

Now that the system wants to lock him away for up to 10 years, he has come up with an idea to crowdfund his defense council.

Roll Call reports as follows: 

Florida mailman Douglas Hughes is looking to crowdfund a First Amendment legal defense against the six felony and misdemeanor charges he faces from his April 15 gyrocopter landing on the West Front.

In federal court Wednesday, free-speech attorney Mark Goldstone described plans for an online fundraising effort that would capitalize on the “outpouring of support” from “across the country” to collect the money Hughes would need to retain Goldstone as a co-counsel. Sporting a navy silk tie emblazoned with the the Constitution, Goldstone called the flight “aerial civil disobedience.

As soon as more information becomes available on where and how to support Hughes, we will update this article right away.

It’s important that we make a supreme show of support for this brave man to send a message to the political class that we will never cave under their pressure, and we’ll fight to get out of their cages at any cost.

WASHINGTON, DC – A man who wanted to protest what he called the corrupt influence of Big Money in politics is now facing nearly 10 years in prison.

The man is accused of using a gyrocopter to land on the West Lawn of the Capitol last month.

Douglas Hughes is 61-yrs-old and like many Americans, seems to have become fed up with a growing police state and corrupt politicians.

He worked as a postal carrier, so his idea was to hand deliver each member of congress a letter urging them to refrain from further corruption.

He wanted to do this as a form of non-violent protest, and used his gyrocopter to carry the letters toward the capitol.

Police charged him with “operating as an airman without an airman’s certificate” along with three misdemeanors for “violating national defense airspace.”

In a nation where the population is trained to be passive sheep, one man’s act of bravery is now seen as a “violation.”

The tyrants who pose as our protectors will do anything they can to ensure that this man is locked inside of a cage — there is no doubt about it — to scare the rest of us into submission.

As for Hughes, he says he has no regrets.

He simply had to do something to get the message to politicians and police that we are sick of their corruption.

What do you think? Is Hughes one of the few brave souls left among us, or does he deserve to be locked up for up to nearly a decade?

Let us know after the video:

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