Massive International Child Exploitation Ring Busted by FBI and Europol

05/08/17 | WASHINGTON, DC — An alarming report has surfaced according to which a large network of child sex abusers have been busted.

The network was operating internationally.

870 suspects were arrested in multiple countries, and as many as 260 children were rescued.

The network was described as a “colossal pedophilia ring.”

The FBI worked with Europol for nearly two years investigating the operation, and announced the arrests last Friday.

NewsAU reports as follows:

NEARLY 900 suspected paedophiles have been arrested and almost 300 children identified or rescued from their abusers following the massive take-down of an underground online paedophile network, US and European police said.

The nearly 900 arrests included dozens of abusers and child pornography creators.
Dubbed “Operation Pacifier,” the investigation began when the FBI used its own malware to effectively seize the Playpen website and server.

The network involved online components as well, with one being described as “playpen.”

“Playpen” was an encrypted forum for “members only” which aided the FBI in tracking suspects involved in child exploitation and sexual abuse.

Federal law enforcement agents were able to access the network and identify the producers and facilitators responsible for trafficking the children.

The arrest was seen as part of an ongoing crackdown on human trafficking referred to by President Trump as a priority for the new administration.

Over 3,000 arrests of human traffickers and child sex offenders have been made since January of this year, and more are expected.

It prompted Former Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney to suggest that the arrests would eventually lead investigators to the political realm where both republican and democrat officials in the US would be brought down at “the top.”



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