McClain County Deputy Arrested After Being Clocked Driving 128 mph


GRADY COUNTY, Okla. — A McClain County deputy has been arrested and is now without a job after a high-speed race on a public road.

The now former McClain County deputy was arrested by a Grady County deputy after he was clocked driving 128 mph in a 65 mph zone near County Street 2880 in the Chickasha area, officials said. The arresting officer, Sgt. Ryan Lake, describes the act as reckless driving.

A passerby even thanked Lake for putting a stop to it.

The arrest affidavit said the two vehicles in question had been racing in and out of traffic and passing in no-pass zones at high rates of speed. Lake was able to stop both vehicles.

The court documents said two partially full bottles of vodka and eight cans of Coors Light — one of which was open and empty — in the McClain County deputy’s vehicle. His gun, badge and a work shirt also were found.

The drivers of both vehicles were arrested.

The former deputy was arrested on complaints of reckless driving, transporting an open container of beer and transporting an open container of liquor.

The McClain County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying it is aware that the deputy was arrested for traffic offenses and that he is no longer employed at the department.

Unfortunately the deputy has not yet been named.