Mesquite Cop Indicted on Felony Charges of Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon

A Mesquite police officer has been indicted on felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a public servant after shooting a man he mistook for a burglar, according to Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson.

The victim, Lyndo Jones, was getting into his car last month when he was shot by Mesquite Police Officer Derick Wiley.

Wiley, who said he thought Jones was a burglary suspect, was indicted by a Dallas County grand jury.

Wiley was placed on “indefinite suspension,” last month, effectively meaning he’d been fired, following an internal investigation. Mesquite Police Chief Charles Cato said the internal investigation revealed Wiley violated department policy, though he didn’t elaborate on which policy he was referring to.

Johnson said Wiley faces between five and 99 years, or life, if convicted.

Attorney Lee Merritt, who represents Jones in the case and has been critical of the Dallas district attorney, tweeted the following Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re grateful the GJ did their job in returning an indictment, however, we remain disappointed in DA Johnson who failed to do her job & file criminal charges. The reluctance to prosecute gives us little confidence in the office’s ability to secure a conviction.”

When asked about Meritt’s comments, Johnson said he didn’t have all of the facts in the case and that her office would be vigorously prosecuting the case and seeking the maximum punishment.
A bond of $300,000 has been ordered for Wiley.